A Word From Pamela:

    Summer came and went and here we are back at school asking ourselves; where did the time go?

    1. We are very excited about a full and exciting year ahead. So far, we are off to a great start. Just a few weeks ago, Queen's University launched a Crafting For a Cure campus club, bringing us to four university participants across the country. With our fall packing sessions, fundraisers and events approaching, we are confident that this season is going to be a strong one. Our packing session taking place on September 27th will draw both community supporters and distinguished corporate partners such as Starbucks, Real Canadian Superstore, Halcraft, IKEA and Le Jardin Banquet Hall. With this tremendous amount of support, our goal is to create twenty thousand craft kits to send out to over 90 hospitals across North America.

    2. We are warmly dedicating this shipment it to a special nurse in Cape Breton who became part of the Crafting for a Cure project.  Michelle Curtis was a remarkable nurse and mother who tragically passed away this past summer saving the lives of eight children. We know that she will be sorely missed by many and we hope that this shipment will bring smiles to hundreds of children in her honour. Please follow the link below to learn more about Michelle’s story:http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/mobile/she-saved-the-kids-sister-remembers-n-s-woman-who-died-after-beach-rescue-1.2502252

      Women like Michelle are what keeps CFC running so successfully. These are the women who help us put smiles on young faces.

    3. I would like to share a touching firsthand story of a young girl named Lauren that I think best describes why we do what we do:

      "The first time I was introduced to Crafting For A Cure I was not a volunteer; I was the patient. At the age of 1 and a half, I was diagnosed with a disorder that has no cure. This required me to be at SickKids at least once a month for the next eight years. Each visit consisted of bloodwork and intravenous when required. The only thing that would take my mind off of the pain was crafting. I can't describe how much this helped my experience during long hospitalizations. The highlight of our day was when Pamela's volunteers would come into the Art room on 6A and craft with the other patients and I. When times were extra tough, they would even go the extra mile and craft with you while on bedrest. When a child is unwell, he or she doesn't always have to stay in bed. In fact, all they really want to do is play and be a regular child. When CFC's volunteers craft with children, they give them the opportunity to not only engage themselves in an activity that diverts their attention from their sickness, but also through doing so they use their imagination, creativity, and ultimately participate in an activity that makes them happy. The child receives gratification when creating this little task that the volunteer assisted them in completing. In that small amount of time that they are crafting, they forget about being in the hospital environment and for a moment can actually pretend they're just in a playroom being a kid. Physically, the reason I got better was because of the organ transplant I received at SickKids. Yet I truly believe that mentally and emotionally, my well-being was always in tact because of Crafting For A Cure. Indirectly, the charity also helps parents as they can have time to themselves for a short while, even if it is for only 15 minutes. I know this because my mom quit her job just to stay with me day after day and she would need a little break too sometimes. My experience and first-hand understanding of the impact CFC has on patients is the reason why I wanted to become a volunteer. It's so important to me because I know what it's like being on the other end of the spectrum. I did this not only to give back to hospitals but to ultimately be part of the charity that helps children like I once was."

    4. If you would like to meet Lauren and support Crafting For a Cure, please join us at our packing session on September 27th. Your participation and support will help bring joy and laughter to Michelle’s memory and so many more.  

      As always I want to thank so everyone for believing in Crafting For a Cure!

      Pamela Bielak
      Founder/President Crafting For a Cue

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